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Sora Workflow Builder Redesign

Working with the founders, I led a team of designers to improve the workflow creation experience of HR automation software.


Rethinking the workflows

Sora is a SaaS company that automates tedious human resource tasks through simplified and streamlined workflows.

The existing workflow page is so demanding that it takes a Sora employee six weeks to create workflows for a new customer.

Over the course of three weeks, we redesigned Sora's workflow page to be more intuitive and scalable.

Sora Logo
Sora Desktop Prototype

The interactive prototype above is scaled down for your viewing convenience.

Click here to see the full view.


Sora workflow page before and after our redesign

Sora Before

Sora workflow page before our redesign

Workflows are so complex that the current page design feels like a never-ending scroll. 

Cards lack important information like task assignees.

There aren't enough visual cues for task and subtask dependency.

It's difficult to find information on the page.

Sora After

Sora workflow page after our redesign

An interactive timeline represents workflows chronologically, the same way HR professionals perceive their work.

A drag-and-drop library of task templates makes creating workflows an easy process.

Improved information architecture makes important information more prominent.

Color coding adds a visual connection between tasks and subtasks.


Avatar 2

"Creating a workflow and editing a task was pretty easy and straightforward."

Sora Customer

"We've struggled with the workflow page for a while. New design will definitely help both our employees and customers. I love it!"

Sora CEO

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New design well-received and under active development

From my testing, the redesign reduces the time needed to build a workflow from scratch significantly and has received very positive feedback from Sora users and employees.

As a result, Sora is actively implementing my design right now. Given that workflow management is such a core part of Sora, I'm confident that the new design will improve Sora's net promoter score, workflow creation success rate, and total time needed to onboard new customers, the three business goals I kept in my heart in the process and will monitor once the design is implemented.

My goal

My goal for the project was to redesign the workflow page so that HR managers can easily create and manage complex workflows using Sora.

Sora Workflow Dashboard

Current Sora workflow dashboard. Click the image to enlarge

My role

I managed the project and led a team of four designers working directly with the founders.

My responsibilities included user research, market research, prototyping, wireframing, and testing.

Sora Workflow Adding Task

Creating a new task in the current Sora design. Click the image to enlarge

My design process

Sora Design Process

Design process. Click the image to enlarge


Automate tedious HR tasks

Sora is a SaaS company for HR departments. People teams use Sora to connect HR tools, sync employee data, and automate HR processes.

Sora Integrations

Current Sora integrations. Click the image to enlarge


Competitors aren't as flexible and customizable

Sora Competitive Analysis
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"Onboarding employees is expensive but can make or break retention success."

"Creating a workflow from scratch is like doing the work of an entire team."

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Creating workflows is like the work of an entire team

I conducted five user interviews with HR professionals to understand their daily routines and the difficulties they face implementing workflows like new hire onboarding.

I also interviewed Sora's employees and customers to learn how users create workflows, their experience with Sora so far, and the issues with the workflow page.

Workflows have too many steps and change too fast.


Updated user flow for workflow creation and editing 
Sora Userflow Summary
Sora User Flow Full

Updated Sora user flow. Click the image to enlarge

Click the image to enlarge


Four initial concepts for testing

Before putting a pen to paper, I researched how people organize and visualize information, which gave me inspiration for three concepts: workflow wizard, interactive table, and freehand creator. Additionally, we also liked another teammate's idea of a timeline

Sora Concepts

Four redesign concepts. Click the image to enlarge

Avatar 4

"I have a hard time starting off a new workflow. It's nice to see task options to drag and drop."

"It's difficult to say which one is my favorite because each design offers a feature that I'd like to use." 

Avatar 6


Users loved a little bit of everything

After turning the sketches into four concepts, I shared them with HR professionals, Sora customers, and founders, and gathered their feedback.


It turned out that everyone loved a little bit of everything, for example when creating a workflow from scratch, users wanted to have a workflow wizard to guide them; when editing an existing workflow, users wanted to see it as a timeline or a table to have a general overview.


Bringing the best together

Mid-fi prototype. Click here to see the full prototype


Users want more visual consistency and clarity
Sora Mid-Fi Testing


Visual inconsistency between tasks inside the toolkit and on the canvas.


Triggers are unclear and easily go unnoticed.


Participants are uncertain what "assignee" means and want a picture of whom a task is assigned to.


Oops, something is not right...

When I tested the color palette provided by Sora, I found that there were several areas where type and color failed to meet accessibility standards.

Type and colors provided by Sora

Our updated accessible colors

Sora Accessibility Testing

Our update on type and color to meet the accessibility requirements. Click the image to enlarge


Updated style guide for Sora
Sora Style Guide

My updates to Sora's style guide and UI kit. Click the image to enlarge


Bringing everything to hi-fi

Sora hi-fi demo. Click here to see the interactive prototype.


Some elements are still not discoverable in hi-fi

My hi-fi prototype received positive feedback from test users, including the founders. There were still a few minor visibility issues, but fortunately, no major usability problems.

Sora Usability Testing Results

Search isn't noticeable

Timeline titles may be too long

Changes are saved isn't noticeable

Add tooltips that guide users how to start

Add name and position to assignee picture


I can't solve all the problems but I solved the core ones

There are a number of issues Sora’s users encounter, but due to time constraints, I had to prioritize the most urgent concerns. 

It was challenging to remain focused on solving only the most pressing problems, but I successfully stayed within the project time and scope.

Sora Redesign


Keep calm and iterate more!
Sora Next Steps
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