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Let Me Tell You My Story 📖

I’m a San Francisco based Product Designer that delivers data-driven, KPI-focused, and strategic design across different platforms, including websites, iOS, and Android apps.

My past experience as a digital marketer and an expansion of my skills towards UX/UI Design means I speak fluent stakeholder and conversational developer.

Having launched 360-degree campaigns across different platforms, I’m right at the intersection of design and business, and with my thorough understanding of product development, I know how to get teams on the same page.

My problem-solving skills, an eye for detail, and relentless pursuit to deliver leave me well-positioned to hit the ground running with any user-centered team.

My Interests 🏝 🐷

I love discovering new places and cultures, so whenever I'm not trying to solve a complex problem through design, I'm working out the next spot to enjoy some great food and landscape.

I’ve lived in Europe, Asia, North America, and the island of Oahu which blessed me with an appreciation for different markets, cultures, and users, not to mention a few languages I can now speak.

When I’m not traveling or eating tiramisu, I hit the gym to burn all the calories or pick up a book. Although during the pandemic I focused more on eating, than exercising or reading...

So if you need someone who will bring a positive, low-ego attitude, and some funny jokes, hey, I'm your girl.

What Is It Like Working With Me? 👀

Riddy Khan, Sr Product Designer, Citi
Peter W. Middleton, UX Designer, SQLive
Meghan Zodrow, UX/UI Designer
Juan Cespedes, UX/UI/Industrial Designer
Laura Del Beccaro, CEO, Sora
Anne Tsuei, Creative Director

Design Capabilities
User Experience Design (UX)
User Interface Design (UI)
Websites, iOs and Android Apps
Research & Strategy
Rapid Prototyping

Marketing Capabilities
Marketing Strategy
Influencer Collaborations

Tools & Skills
Figma, Sketch, InVision, Miro
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery
Webflow, Bootstrap
Google Analytics
Google Suite

Clients & Collaborations

Delta View Cats

Menu Beauty



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